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Bubble Tea Reviews

The Alley The Alley is an International Taiwanese bubble tea chain and this is the first location on the west coast in Canada. It opened up back in the end of April and I went to give it a try to see if it was worth the hype that I’ve been seeing all over my Instagram. …

Restaurant Reviews

Pokey Okey

I am absolutely addicted to eating poke and there hasn’t been too many options in Richmond up until recently. At first, I thought Pokey Okey was alright and not too special but after a few more  visits, Pokey Okey has become my go-to place for poke in Richmond! Location Address: 8060 Anderson Rd, Richmond, BC …

Bubble Tea Reviews

Hanlin Tea House

I recently tried Hanlin Tea House and it was quite a unique experience compared to other bubble tea locations that I have been to before. They’ve been open for a few months now but I feel like they’re quite hidden in Richmond since it’s the first time I’ve ever come across it. Location Address: 1121-8328 …