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Black Mill Tea

Happy (almost) Halloween! Black Mill Tea recently opened and one night I was feeling spontaneous to try something new and it came up on Yelp so I decided to check them out! Black Mill Tea is best known for their brown sugar series labelled under their “Fresh Milk Dirty Tea” category which features 6 brown sugar drinks to choose from.


Address: 4800 No 3 Rd #157, Richmond, BC V6X 3A6

They are located at the old location of Bobii Frutii and in the same plaza as Boiling Point, right in front of SuperStore. It is in between the skytrain stops of Aberdeen and Lansdowne so you can get off at either and walk from there if you are coming from out of Richmond.


The inside is quite small with only a few tables for seating but the decor is quite sophisticated. Black Mill Tea is decorated with the colours black, gold, and grey along with a large sign on the wall saying “Sweet Is Not The Same”. The decor is simple and cute, but also elegant and it was also decorated with tons of Halloween decor when I visited which I appreciated.


They offer a wide range of different bubble tea flavours here but we got the Brown Sugar Dirty Milk when we came here. It definitely tasted really creamy, but a bit too milky in my opinion. The brown sugar and the pearls are what gave this drink most of the flavour. Next time I would like to try the Brown Sugar Volcano since it’s advertised to contain fresh milk and heavier brown sugar which might make it more flavourful than the Brown Sugar Dirty Milk.


The prices at Black Mill Tea ranges from $5-$7, but mostly being $6 for their more popular drinks. Considering their one size options for specific drinks, I would say that $6 for a smaller portion is quite pricey. Most of the more popular drinks tend to come only in the smaller size so $6-$7 might be more expensive.


The drink I had tried upon my visit was quite average and a bit pricey so I don’t think I’ll be coming back regularly. If I’m feeling spontaneous again to try something new and different, I might be back to try some of their other drinks! But, the decor and presentation of their drinks were quite impressive and elegant so that would be a factor as to why I would be coming back here.

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