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Chun Yang Tea

When in Richmond, you’ll often be seeing tons of bubble tea openings quite often so it isn’t a surprise that I’m doing yet another, bubble tea review. Chun Yang Tea is best known for their Brown Sugar Pearl with Fresh Milk as advertised, like many other bubble tea chains who are also on the Brown Sugar hype. Chun Yang Tea originates from Taiwan, like most bubble tea chains, and is known for its use of fresh milk and its authentic flavours.


Address: 7971 Alderbridge Way #130, Richmond, BC V6X 2A4

It is located right next to Gyu-Kaku in Richmond so you can get your Japanese BBQ fix and bubble tea fix all in one place! This plaza is very near Lansdowne Mall so getting there isn’t too difficult by transit since there’s a skytrain stop at Lansdowne and you would only have to walk a bit from there. It’s also in central Richmond so it’s close by shopping malls, restaurants, and other bubble tea and dessert locations.


The inside of Chun Yang is on the smaller side with only a few tables but they often open their (what seems like a) garage door so the space does feel pretty open and less cramped. The space is decorated with wooden tables and small plants so it gives a bit of a lively ambiance. They have a wall with white subway tiles and a neon sign with the Chinese character of “Chun” which translates to spring which I found to be such an aesthetically pleasing piece of decor that set the vibe of the place.


We go the Oolong Milk Tea and Honey Oolong Tea and both were super light and refreshing! For the Oolong Milk Tea, the Oolong flavour was quite strong and the amount of sweetness definitely compliments the flavours of the Oolong Tea well. The pearls were great too and had a good texture since it was chewy but soft. The Honey Oolong Tea was light, not overly sweet and had a hint of bitterness from the Oolong Tea flavour which I enjoyed.


The drinks here at Chun Yang Tea ranges from $5 to $7 after tax which is quite standard for most bubble tea places. There are size options between the regular and the large and a few at a set size, but that is common for bubble tea places.


Overall, I had quite a pleasant experience at Chun Yang Tea and I will be coming back, especially if I’m craving bubble tea after eating at Gyu-Kaku right next door, which I go to often. Their prices are standard and not too pricey but their drinks are high quality which I find to justify the prices. Their flavours are definitely unique and really refreshing so if you’re looking to try a new bubble tea place that are not one of the larger chain bubble tea locations (Chatime, Sharetea, Coco, Gong Cha), I would suggest coming here!

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