About Me

Hello & welcome to Food With Anita! My name is Anita Quan and I am from Vancouver, BC.

What made me create “Food With Anita”?

Initially it began with a love for food and photography which led me to start posting on Instagram. A friend of mine brought to my attention how I was constantly sharing photos of what I was eating and other friends would even come to me for recommendations on where to eat around Vancouver. That said, I felt that not all of those who followed my personal Instagram would be interested in that type of content, and thus, Food With Anita was born.

Why did I decide to branch off of Instagram?

I took a publications course in my second year of university and it was required that we create a blog off of a personal interest so I found it fitting to continue building “Food With Anita” and bring that type of content further than Instagram. As we were required to write weekly blog posts, I found that the content I had created for my blog represented the type of content I wanted to produce, better. I’m one for quite detailed captions and felt that captions weren’t the focus of Instagram posts and often don’t get read. By branching into blogging, I no longer felt the need to restrict myself my length or detail and could focus more on the writing component of my foodie adventures. 

What is my favourite type of food?

My all time go-to combo would have to be sushi and bubble tea. Something about that combo, I find comfort in and always crave it!

Some background info about me!

I’m 20 years old and I am half Chinese and half Vietnamese and actually reside in the city of Richmond (which is right next to Vancouver). I am also currently a university student at SFU and am pursuing a major in Communications. 

My Contact Information 

You can contact me by Instagram direct message @foodwithanita or by sending an email to foodwithanita@gmail.com