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Earls Kitchen + Bar Restaurant

I only go to Earls for their happy hour menu usually but I’ve never tried their brunch menu before and my sister was actually the one who told me about it. So, on weekends from open until noon, all brunch menu items are $7.50 per plate (menus may vary depending on location) which is such a good deal for a yummy breakfast that will help you get started on your day. 


Address: 5300, 304 No 3 Rd #304, Richmond, BC V6X 2X9

The Earls I went to is located within the Lansdowne Mall in Richmond and the brunch menu may vary depending on what location you are going to. That being said, Lansdowne Mall is pretty much in central Richmond which makes it really accessible with transit since there is a skytrain stop right at this mall.


This Earls location in Richmond is quite spacious with a Dining Room, a Lounge, and a bar. But if you do plan to go during brunch happy hour, there might be a bit of a wait so be prepared to come well before noon. As long as you’re seated and have placed your order by noon, brunch happy hour will apply to your bill. I have only come during late night happy hour and brunch happy hour which might be their busier times, but there are plenty of seating so you won’t usually be waiting long. This Earls is decorated with framed posters and tons of lighting fixtures so the lighting is quite dim, setting an elegant ambience.


We got the Chorizo + Mushroom Hash, the Fried Chicken + Waffles, the Remedy, and the Yuzu Lemonade. The Chorizo + Mushroom Hash was delicious and was definitely my favourite amongst everything that I tried. The best part of this dish was the Hollandaise sauce that tied all components of this dish together which contained a poached egg, crispy potatoes, and avocado. The Fried Chicken + Waffle wasn’t anything spectacular and was just average since the chicken portions were small and the waffle didn’t have any special flavours. Both drinks were equally enjoyable, especially the Remedy (contains turmeric, ginger) since it was such a unique drink that was also super refreshing and contains healthy ingredients to make you feel better.


For a large chain restaurant, you don’t often spend less than $10 on you meal so $7.50 for a plate is definitely a steal! I find that their regular menu is quite pricey so I only really come to earls during their happy hour which I find to be way more worth it. They have a wide selection of items on their happy hour menu, so if you’re looking to save some money and still grab some good food, come during then!


Earls brunch happy hour menu is something that will definitely get me out of bed early on the weekends to catch such a sweet deal. Whether I’m coming to Earls for early brunch happy hour or late night happy hour, their wide selection of yummy dishes never ceases to amaze me. I definitely recommend checking out their brunch menu if you get the chance to since it’s such a great deal!

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