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Hanlin Tea House

I recently tried Hanlin Tea House and it was quite a unique experience compared to other bubble tea locations that I have been to before. They’ve been open for a few months now but I feel like they’re quite hidden in Richmond since it’s the first time I’ve ever come across it.


Address: 1121-8328 Capstan Way, Richmond

Hanlin Tea House is located in quite a popular plaza here in Richmond where you can find other bubble tea places, dessert, and asian restaurants. It is located pretty close to Aberdeen so getting there is quite convenient.


The interior of Hanlin itself is beautiful and almost feels out of place compared to the other stores within this plaza. The place itself is super aesthetic, modern, cozy, and a great space to study now that school is in session. The decor is stunning which create a nice and relaxing atmosphere with the carefully decorated wooden shelves and hints of greenery.


Hanlin Tea House originates from Taiwan and they definitely bring their unique flavours to the table here. We got the Jade Green Tea Yakult (left) which was refreshing but the amount of mini pearls was quite overwhelming and the Thai Milk Tea (right) was light and not overly sweet, which I enjoyed. I also saw that they sell bakery items too that were really pretty but they were quite pricey so I didn’t get any.


As a regular bubble tea drinker, I would say the prices are a bit on the pricier side with drinks averaging from $5-$8. Compared to other bubble tea places, a drink would cost $5 on average. I did notice that they do invest heavily in presentation where each drink is presented differently with unique lids and cups.


With that being said, Hanlin Tea House is definitely a place I will be coming back to! The way the interior is designed is beautiful and create a very inviting space that I would enjoy during study sessions that would inspire me and motivate me as I get work done. Although it being on the pricier side, I would that it’s worth it because of their careful and unique presentation in drinks and food. Check out the post I did on my Instagram as well!

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