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La Forêt

I’ve only been to La Forêt a few times, but every time I come back, the space still amazes me. It actually used to be an old auto body shop that has been reborn into the cafe it is today. It is such a stunning location where you can study, grab a coffee, and also get brunch with friends!


Address: 6848 Jubilee Ave, Burnaby, BC V5J 4B3

Cafe La Forêt is located between the skytrain stations of Metrotown and Royal Oak which means that it is quite accessible via Skytrain. If you plan to drive here, parking is quite limited during peak hours so keep that in mind when coming here.


The space of La Forêt is really open with high ceilings making it quite a large space than the average cafe due to the fact it used to be an auto body shop. I love the way that it is decorated with tons of plants to compliment its name “La Forêt” meaning forest in French. Different sections have different seating, creating a big of a different atmosphere depending on where you sit. Despite that, the overall ambiance is quite lively and modern which makes it great for a social setting. Due to the large space, there are tons of seats here so as long as you don’t come during peak hours, it should be easy finding a place to sit. That being said, the place is quite noisy due to the loud music and the noise from the crowd, so I would say it’s more of a social setting and a place to get inspired rather than a quiet place to study.


During this visit, I finally got to try my first food item from La Forêt, which being the Chicken and Waffles. The waffles were chewy, soft, and not overly sweet while the chicken was juicy but not oily and topped with the syrup, it was a perfect balance of everything. We also got the Chai Latte and the Iced Caramel Macchiato and both were great too, but not anything special in my opinion.


For drinks, I would say the prices are quite average when being compared to other cafe prices. They are priced from $3-$6 which is quite standard for any coffee shop. On the other hand, for food options here, I would say that they are quite pricey for what you are getting ranging from $10-$16 per dish. Their food options are mainly brunch items and I would say that on average, brunch items would be reasonably be priced around $10 based on the places that I usually go.


I will for sure be coming back to La Forêt more regularly especially since it isn’t too far of a drive from Richmond. La Forêt, being located in Burnaby makes it quite accessible for people who live in Burnaby, Richmond, Vancouver, and even Surrey. I would say that this is a great space to study if you’re looking to be inspired or motivated due to its vibrant ambiance. Also it makes a great place to meet up with friends since I would say La Forêt is more appropriate in a social setting. Definitely try out La Forêt whether you’re looking for a new place to study, a place to meet friends, grabbing brunch, or just to grab a quick coffee or a pastry. 

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