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Pokey Okey

I am absolutely addicted to eating poke and there hasn’t been too many options in Richmond up until recently. At first, I thought Pokey Okey was alright and not too special but after a few more  visits, Pokey Okey has become my go-to place for poke in Richmond!


Address: 8060 Anderson Rd, Richmond, BC V6Y 1S4

Pokey Okey is located in central Richmond so it’s definitely really accessible since it’s right in front of Richmond Centre. One thing is that parking may be hard to find at this location so keep that in mind when coming here.


The inside is very cute and small so the dine-in option is very limited since the seats are limited (about 3-4 seats). That being said, the interior is decorated with pink walls and hints of white to match their colour scheme of their store logo. They also have a chalkboard wall that allows customers to write or draw anything that their creativity desires. I find that to be such a nice decorative element that allows customers to “decorate” the store themselves in a way.


Their ingredients that go into the poke are super fresh and portions are quite generous, which is why I favour Pokey Okey over other poke locations. Pokey Okey, on their site, promotes the idea that they are “providing customers with the ability to eat clean, even when time is limited” which is something I look for when eating out. Poke bowls at Pokey Okey are tasty, nutritious, high quality, and customizable with their variety of choices for toppings, sauces, and proteins. 


At Pokey Okey, poke bowls are quite decent prices, ranging to about $11-$17 per bowl. Comparing it to other poke places I’ve been to, I would say that that it’s quite similar to other poke prices, but ranging towards the pricier side depending on what you decide to get. I think the prices are quite reasonable for the different size portions they offer here.


After coming to Pokey Okey a handful of times, I can say that I fully recommend coming here if you’re looking to eat something healthy which will also make you full. The portions here are quite generous compared to other poke stores I’ve been to before which is why Pokey Okey is my go-to! Definitely check out Pokey Okey if you’re looking for a healthy, quick alternative to eating out. Also check out the post I did on my Instagram!

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