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My all time favourite bubble tea store would have to be Sharetea. I go there regularly and sometimes you can find me there about 3 times a week, whether I’m just picking up a drink or studying there. I just love how they’re really consistent with their drink flavours and the aiyu jelly here taste amazing and has to be the best I’ve had before.


Address: 1033-8300 Capstan Way, Richmond, BC V6X 4B7

There’s two Sharetea locations in Richmond, one next to Richmond Centre and one located within the Union Square Shopping Centre which is close by Aberdeen Centre. Both locations are quite accessible via the Canada Line since the Canada Line has stops at Aberdeen and Richmond-Brighouse, making it a few minutes walk to both locations after getting off the skytrain.


The space of Sharetea isn’t too big or small, but has about 5 tables for customers to sit down. Usually during weekdays I would say that it isn’t too busy, but it definitely gets quite full on weekend afternoons. The walls are painted black and grey and the lighting is dim inside Sharetea. The decor is definitely quite simplistic but has an industrial ambiance to it. Also, they do play a lot of Chinese remixes of English music so that is quite an interesting element to this Sharetea location. 


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I’ve tried many drinks here at Sharetea but my favourite would have to be the Green Milk Tea with Aiyu Jelly because of its light, but sweet taste and also the aiyu jelly adds an element of a soft texture to the overall drink. Also, the Creamas here are really good too and Creamas are basically a tea drink with a layer of frothy cream that goes at the top and you sip it like how you would a regular hot drink. My favourite thing about Sharetea would have to be the quality of their drinks so they’re so consistent and they don’t taste artificial.


The drinks here average to $5-$6 a cup which is quite standard, when compared to other bubble tea stores. Newer bubble tea chains nowadays have drinks that are a couple dollars more expensive than Sharetea. I would say the price of their drinks are reasonable for the exceptional taste of their drinks.


Whenever friends ask me for a bubble tea recommendation, I always say Sharetea! It is my go-to place for bubble tea without a doubt and I think I’ve converted all my friends and family too to Sharetea drinkers. I love their quality, taste, and consistency of all of their drinks and the price is not too expensive either. I definitely would recommend trying Sharetea to anyone who hasn’t and is a bubble tea lover!

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