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The Alley


The Alley is an International Taiwanese bubble tea chain and this is the first location on the west coast in Canada. It opened up back in the end of April and I went to give it a try to see if it was worth the hype that I’ve been seeing all over my Instagram. The Alley is best known for their Brown Sugar Deerioca drink series since their tapioca pearls are hand-made which makes their pearls soft and chewy, which is why I decided to check them out!


Address: 985 Hornby St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1V3

The Alley is located close to central Downtown Vancouver where a lot of shopping, restaurants, and events are located. It isn’t too far of a walk from the skytrain station of Vancouver City Centre so getting there is quite convenient by transit.


The interior is quite small, which I would say is made for a quick drink pick up rather than a long sit down with friends. There about about less than 10 seats here so definitely seating is limited and may be a bit crowded if you come at a busier time. It is decorated with black painted walls and woodsy decor to compliment their deer logo.


We tried number’s #1 and #2 on The Alley’s Top Picks list which being the Deerioca Fever w/ Fresh Milk and the Royal No.9 Milk Tea. The Alley’s Deerioca Fever w/ Fresh Milk might be one of my favourite Brown Sugar drinks I’ve had in our area since it wasn’t too overly sweet and the tapioca was just the right amount of chewiness. On the other hand, the Royal No.9 Milk tea was equally as enjoyable, especially since it isn’t overly sweet and you get a nice fragrant aftertaste to the drink.


The bubble tea drinks from The Alley ranges from $5-$7 which I would consider to be quite standard for a bubble tea place. Nowadays, most bubble tea drinks average to about $5 so I wouldn’t consider They Alley to be pricey at all, but it all depends on what kind of drink you get.


After my visit to The Alley, I definitely would come back if I was conveniently within the Downtown Vancouver area. It might be more difficult for me to be making regular visits since I am from Richmond, but if they did open a Richmond location, I would definitely be coming back regularly to try the other drinks too!

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