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Tractor Foods

If you are looking to try some delicious healthy foods, this is the place for you! Tractor foods “serves a range of healthy, fresh and unique salads, soups, sandwiches and stews in a convenient cafeteria-style format” according to their website. Their portions are enough to get you full despite the lightness of the components of the meal!


Address: 1903 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 3L9

When I went to Tractor Foods, I went to the location in Kitsilano where tons of other great restaurants and stores are also located along West 4th. Getting there is convenient since there are a few busses that run through Kitsilano. But, there are a few other locations in Olympic Village, Robson,  Marine Building, and Broadway so find the closest one to you to give them a try!


The inside of Tractor Foods is simplistic, modern, and clean.There are many seat options at this location, some inside and some outside on the patio. When we came, we sat on the patio and quite enjoyed the nice breeze and view while sitting outside. The interior is very simple with white walls and chairs and wooden tables filling up this space.


I got the Grilled Avocado Bowl (w/ greens & lemon kale & the snap pea/potato/mint). The grilled avocado itself added a nice element to the bowl and grilling it definitely makes a more creamy. I really enjoyed the mixture of greens and the sauces they added to it to make the bowl quite flavourful so you don’t feel like you’re just eating a bland mix of vegetables.


I would say it is quite pricey for what you are getting since prices range from $10-$16 depending on what you get. It does provide better nutritional value than most take-out food options so I think that is how the prices are justified since healthier foods tend to be more expensive. But that being said, I don’t fully agree paying over $10 for a salad isn’t quite worth it.


When I come back to this area of Kitsilano, I’ll be back for sure! Being from Richmond, this location is quite far for convenience to be coming here regularly. Despite that fact, although the food may be delicious and healthy, it is on the pricier side which may be a factor as to why I won’t be coming back often unless I just happen to be near one. Nonetheless, I do think that this a great option for a quick, healthy meal that is also flavourful and filling.

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