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Xing Fu Tang

Last year, back in 2018, Xing Fu Tang opened its first Canadian location in Vancouver since there has already been a few locations opened up in Toronto. Xing Fu Tang is a Taiwanese bubble tea chain, like where most bubble tea places originate from. Their focus is described as “bringing the most original brown sugar boba beverages to all bubble tea lovers in Canada” which is why people love their unique stir-fried brown sugar pearls.


Address: 130-8311 Lansdowne Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 3A4

Once Xing Fu Tang opened up their Richmond location, I knew I had to give them a try. This location is inside T&T Supermarket inside the Lansdowne Mall. It’s a super accessible location in Richmond since there is a skytrain stop right at this mall along the Canada Line.


There isn’t any seating provided by Xing Fu Tang, other than the T&T Supermarket food court seating. But with the glass window, you get to see the brown sugar pearls cooked and put into the cups right in front of you!


We got the Brown Sugar Pearl Milk & the Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea and I would say I preferred the Brown Sugar Pearl Milk over the Milk Tea. The pearls were quite soft but chewy and flavourful. The Brown Sugar Pearl Milk tastes milky and creamy while the Milk Tea tasted a bit more like coffee to me. But, compared to other bubble tea stores that does Brown Sugar drinks, I would say Xing Fu Tang was one of the best brown sugar pearls, which may be because of the way they are cooked.


Xing Fu Tang doesn’t have a wide selection of drinks (about 15 different drink options) but most ranging from $6-$7. Considering the one size option being a smaller portion, I would consider Xing Fu Tang as quite pricey. The size of the drink definitely is what makes the drink to be quite expensive compared to other bubble tea chains.


Since Xing Fu Tang is in such a convenient location (being located in T&T Supermarket), I think I will be going back if I’m shopping at T&T Supermarket for groceries or just at Lansdowne Mall in general. Although their taste is quite unique and quality of ingredients is great, I don’t think I’ll be coming here regularly since their price for smaller drink sizes doesn’t seem worth it to me and won’t fully satisfy my bubble tea cravings if I wanted to have a bigger portion that day.

I’ve linked the post I did on my Instagram below if you were interested to check it out!

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